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Performance Manager to promote retention of 20-39 age group

Having established that we need to find a way to retain and grow the key demographic of 20-39, the SOA Board have appointed Graham Gristwood as Scottish Orienteering Performance Manager working 2 days a month from 1st September. 

Photo Credit: Rob Lines

Graham brings both his experience as GB athlete and that of a level 3 licensed coach who has worked in a variety of coaching roles for both clubs and at a personal level.  His role is one aimed at both the support of elite athletes as well as helping to encourage retention of orienteers in the sport between 20 and 39.  To address any conflict of interest regarding WOC 2024 ( as Graham was one of the WOC mappers, and previously was Technical Director before COVID delays), Graham will only be working on forest based support until after WOC 2024.

In order to develop orienteers aged between 20 -39, he will aim to work not only with Scotjos leavers but any athletes in the age group who are running at TD 5 and based in Scotland.  The aim is to encourage these athletes to remain in the sport through coaching trips and social elements as well as helping high level coaching development in Scotland.

At the elite level, Graham will help prepare Scottish based athletes when they either represent Scotland at the Senior Home Internationals or are selected to represent GB.  Athletes and their coaches will be engaged on a one to one level with Graham developing a regular program through the year to provide not just training but coordination of transport to event. The hope is to develop a team feel where people are proud to represent Scotland.

If any athletes would like to be included on mailing list or if any licensed coaches are interested in working with the programme please get in touch with Graham directly on grahamgristwood@scottish-orienteering.org

Can we be more attractive?

Imagine our sport thriving with lots of young adults swelling our numbers. Can we be more attractive?

Newcomers enjoy Orienteering Edinburgh

We know we have demographic deficit with numbers dropping off in the late teens and not picking up until the 40 plus age group . Orienteering Edinburgh was an attempt to make the sport more attractive to a younger demographic. A trial approach to recruiting younger people into the sport through offering a simplified and united approach from clubs across the city of Edinburgh.

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Volunteer week – Day 7

Today in a celebration of the young people that contribute to our sport, we are highlighting the activities of our nominations for Young Orienteer of the Year 2023. We are delighted to announce that the winners this year are Charlotte Horne and Isla O’Donoghue who between them are the mainstays of Aberdeen University Orienteering Club.

Isla and Charlotte looking cold but cheery at the EUOC Big Weekend
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Volunteer week – Day 5

Today features some key contributors that Forth Valley Orienteers have highlighted as members who are helping their club continue to flourish.

Young leaders have been stepping up to their new responsibilities – Sam Hunt and Grace Polwart supporting the FVO Stars coaching, with Sam also planning events, and Scarlett Kelly organising events.

Sam, Scarlett and Grace showing us how it’s done.
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How long is the rope?

Around 16 junior orienteers and 9 or so parents from the east of Scotland went to St Magdalene’s Hill in Perth last weekend for a morning of coaching. This involved being put through their paces and answering the question: How long is the rope?

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Young Leader’s training continues

Another group of Young Coach Assistants has just completed their training, this time at Glenmore Lodge.  The weather, which had threatened to be absolutely foul, was kind to us and, although we started off indoors by mapping the bar area whilst the snow melted, we soon moved outside to deliver practical coaching exercises.

Peer feedback after an exercise.
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Junior Planning Workshops

Are you a junior who loves the idea of planning but are not sure where to start? An INVOC junior planner from the last series of SOA planning workshops contributed to planning the schools event below.

A 2023 series of beginner workshops is being run for juniors, 12 years or older, who have little or no planning experience. The dates are as follows:

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