Club Accreditation

In August 2018, to help us demonstrate the high standards of our clubs, we launched a Club Accreditation scheme. This is a clear and positive way for clubs to increase credibility with official bodies, funders, landowners and other partners.

The scheme is independently assessed and clubs can apply for Bronze accreditation, followed by Silver and then Gold. This will help clubs achieve an accreditation award, which many grant and funding sources now require.

The key aims of the scheme are to support and empower our clubs to:

  • Create an environment which is inclusive, safe and child friendly, based on good practice, and the best it can be for participants, coaches, officials and volunteers.
  • Develop high standards of club governance
  • Encourage lifelong participation in our sport through sustainable club development and pathways

The scheme is run by the Scottish Orienteering Regional Development Officers (RDOs), who meet with and support clubs at all levels through the process. If you have any questions about accreditation, you can contact your RDO via the contact page.

Once the award is achieved, clubs will need to complete a simple health check each year and a more in-depth check every three years.

There are more details on the scheme, and the requirements for each level, in the documents below.

ESOC awarded Bronze Club Accreditation for club standardsEdinburgh Southern Orienteering Club (ESOC) were the pilot club during the development of the scheme, and received their Bronze and Silver Awards in August 2018. Image credit Walter Clark.

Feb 2020: We are pleased now to be able to launch the Gold scheme and a modified Bronze University scheme, alongside the Bronze and Silver awards.

The Gold award will be a mark of excellence for any club to achieve and it is anticipated that most clubs may take some time to achieve the goal. It is hoped that it will help motivate clubs to aim high and we are confident that the rewards will be reaped by clubs that accept the challenge. We hope that several University clubs will work towards the new Bronze University award as a mark of quality to reflect their valuable input to Scottish Orienteering.

In launching the Gold award we have also taken an opportunity to reflect on the criteria for the Bronze and Silver schemes, taking on board feedback from clubs. Clubs that are currently part way through their award submission may either choose to continue with the previous form up until end June 2020, or else submit using the revised versions.