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Scottish Orienteering Guidelines Level 4 – Stay At Home

In light of the First Minister’s announcement that mainland Scotland has been placed in extended Level 4 ‘stay at home’ restrictions we are required to publish new guidance to reflect these significant changes effective from 8th January 2021.

Orienteering in Level 4 – Stay at Home: All club organised activities, coaching and events have been suspended until further notice.

Travel restrictions: To minimise the risk of spreading the virus, you must stay at home as much as possible. When taking part in sport, exercise or recreation participants should at all times follow Scottish Government ‘stay at home’ guidance.

Meeting other people: A maximum of 2 people from up to 2 separate households (12 years or over) can meet outdoors for sport, exercise or recreation purposes if 2m physical distancing is maintained, before, during and after the activity.

Members are still permitted to enjoy orienteering as part of their daily exercise and we encourage the use of permanent courses and MapRunF*.

We recognise this winter ‘lockdown’ is likely to have a significant impact on our clubs and members, please make sure you keep connected and do reach out for support if you require it.

You can download the guidance in PDF format below:

Scottish Orienteering L4 Stay At Home Guidelines FINAL 08012021

SOA Level 4 Guidance

In light of Scottish Government’s announcement that the Scottish mainland will move to level 4 on 26th December for a period of 3 weeks. The SOA guidance published on the 7th December remains in place however the SOA have today published a clarification on the orienteering events and activities permitted in level 4.

We ask all members and clubs to comply with Scottish Government guidelines at all times, ensure they know the travel restrictions in place and follow SOA guidance set out to allow orienteering to continue. We are fortunate that orienteering in many forms is permitted in level 4, please stay local, stay active and stay safe this festive season. We must protect the reputation of the sport and also respect everyone enjoying the outdoor spaces available.

SOA Level 4 Guidance 22122020

Guidance Over the Festive Season

While we recognise that orienteering does not stop over the festive season, the Scottish Orienteering ‘office’ will be shut between 22nd December and 5th January with most of the staff using annual leave to extend their holiday after a busy year.

A note to all clubs and members to say that the SOA guidance published on 7th December will remain in place until 5th January.

Updated Guidance Published 7th December 2020

Due to changes in the travel legislation there has been some amendments to our SOA guidance on orienteering activities and events. This guidance will be issued to Club Covid Officers and we advise any questions be directed to We have outlined below all changes that have been made to highlight those areas which have changed.

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Latest SOA Guidance available as text due to website issues

Due to a temporary issue with our website, we are aware a number of members have been unable to access documents and some resources. We are in the process of trying to fix this glitch. However we want to ensure everyone has access to the current SOA guidance document so the full text is available below. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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Clarification of coaching and crossing Local Authority boundaries

SportScotland have indicated that part of the Scottish Government’s wish to enable outdoor organised sport for under 18s is that coaches, both professional and voluntary, are allowed to cross Local Authority boundaries by more than 5 miles for coaching purposes so long as neither Local Authority is at Level 4.

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Local events and club activities can continue in the new 5 level protection framework

SOA are pleased to publish our guidance across the new 5 levels of tiered local restrictions. With the support of sportscotland, we have approval for the continuation of local orienteering events and activities across Scotland with consideration and compliance with Scottish Government guidelines. We want to encourage all clubs and members to ‘Keep Active. Keep Local’.

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Guidelines published on local restrictions

Following consultation with sportscotland we have been given permission to continue with our existing guidelines that allow local/regional events, club and coaching activities. However, we ask ALL members to comply with Scottish Government guidelines with particular note of local health board areas which have further restrictions over the next two weeks.

ALL members please note: Travel to or from an area with Scottish Government local measures or restrictions in place to undertake sport or physical activity should where possible be avoided

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Updated guidance is being worked on

We are currently reviewing our guidance on club activities and events in light of the First Minister’s announcement today. We appreciate clubs have events planned this weekend and are currently working with sportscotland to issue appropriate guidance as soon as possible. Please be patient as we seek clarification on what the new restrictions mean for orienteering, with specific focus on the local authority areas highlighted in the First Minister’s announcement.