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Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week 2020 24-30 October

These Girls Rock and Roll

This week provides an opportunity to throw a spotlight on women and girls participation in sport and physical activity.  See who is featured here-

we love the MOR hat!!

25th October, 2020

New ROMP at Glenmore

A seasonal ROMP has been set up at Glenmore Lodge and is available to individuals and families operating within current Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions announced by the First Minister. 


9th October, 2020

Guidelines published on local restrictions

Following consultation with sportscotland we have been given permission to continue with our existing guidelines that allow local/regional events, club and coaching activities. However, we ask ALL members to comply with Scottish Government guidelines with particular note of local health board areas which have further restrictions over the next two weeks.

ALL members please note: Travel to or from an area with Scottish Government local measures or restrictions in place to undertake sport or physical activity should where possible be avoided


9th October, 2020

Updated guidance is being worked on

We are currently reviewing our guidance on club activities and events in light of the First Minister’s announcement today. We appreciate clubs have events planned this weekend and are currently working with sportscotland to issue appropriate guidance as soon as possible. Please be patient as we seek clarification on what the new restrictions mean for orienteering, with specific focus on the local authority areas highlighted in the First Minister’s announcement.

7th October, 2020

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