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TEAM -Together Everyone Achieves More

Many of us know TEAM can stand for Together Everyone Achieves More. How can we use this so that an event team (planner, organiser, controller) work together as a team to make the event even better – and remove some stress and strain from actually taking on an event team role?


1st December, 2020

Your December Score is here!

We are delighted to share the December issue of Score magazine.

Our new issue is packed with orienteering content for you to devour this December. We talk to first time planners and orienteers and see how they are faring in Covid times. There is a celebration of some of our very cool orienteering women and girls at Aberdeen University and Moray. You will also find the latest on squad updates; news of an event partnership with a Lossiemouth brewery that will be of interest to clubs with an eye to something different; and of course what is the thing called Turf we have been hearing about ? We get the Edinburgh perspective. Finally some well-kent faces from around the country and Scottish orienteering bravely make their predictions for 2021! And we even give you a festive puzzle to get your teeth into.

Score cover shows Arria a mermaid statue in Glasgow

And we thank SOA photo competition winner Colin Brash for the sensational cover image of Arria glimpsed in a snowy Cumbernauld Community Park during a STAG Score event. You can download the PDF version of Score here – along with all the back copies – to enjoy at your leisure.

Many thanks to all our contributors for this edition! If you have a story to share or pictures we would love to see them! We are particularly looking for news of local events and how clubs are rising to the challenge for the April issue – tips, tricks, pitfalls, wins – let us know and send us photos to score@scottish-orienteering.org,

1st December, 2020

Scottish MapRun Event Listings

It has been fantastic to see the growth in popularity and availability of MapRun events over the last 8 months and it is now possible to find courses all over Scotland. It has also been great to hear of lots of people new to orienteering discovering the sport through trying MapRun courses in their area. We’d like to build on this grassroots development to ensure that MapRun courses can easily be found by anyone, and have therefore undertaken a reorganisation of the folder structure for all Scottish courses.


25th November, 2020

SOA guidance published to reflect changes in travel legislation

Thank you all for your patience as we sought clarity on the travel restrictions outlined in our guidance. Matters raised at the Covid Officer session last Thursday were really useful in our approach to these guidelines published today.


24th November, 2020

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