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It’s almost time! SOA EGM time!

There is still time to register so that we can welcome you to join us online for our EGM this Friday 25th September at 7.30pm (following the deferment of our business at our AGM earlier this year). Or use the links below to vote online if you cannot attend.


23rd September, 2020

Sport events limited to 200 participants

One change to our Event Guidelines following the First Minister’s announcement about new restrictions coming into effect across Scotland is that events will be subject to a limit of 200 participants effective as of today. Please note that 200 is inclusive of organisers, officials and volunteers at the event.

Total numbers taking part in training, competition or events, should not exceed 200 people in any one day, including organisers, officials and participants. Once an individual has completed their activity, they should immediately vacate the ‘field of play’ and are then subject to normal household rules.


23rd September, 2020

Covid-19 Officer and Supporting Team Follow up Information Session Thursday 8 October 7:30-8:30pm


21st September, 2020

Developing our Planners

Scottish Orienteering relies on the skills of the volunteer members to plan the courses we all enjoy participating in. More planners = healthy options for clubs. Join the movement.


18th September, 2020

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