Scottish Orienteering Championships

There are several Scottish Orienteering Championship events (SOC) held every year in different regions of Scotland, catering for different types of orienteering. The events rotate around the North, East and West, and are hosted by clubs in that region.

Scottish Orienteering Championships weekend

The biggest event is the Scottish Orienteering Championships weekend, a Scottish sports event which attracts hundreds of competitors each year.

Orienteers enjoy courses with challenging and varied terrain, planned to the highest standards. Hundreds of orienteers compete and there’s no qualification criteria – everyone can turn up and have a go alongside the best runners in Scotland.

2021 Scottish Orienteering Championships, Craig a Barns, Perthshire

On Sunday 13th June following months of uncertainty we were delighted to welcome participants across Scotland to Scottish Championships hosted by ESOC at Craig a Barns, Perthshire. The sun shone over this fabulous terrain and everyone was treated to a special return to championship orienteering. Due to restrictions in place, the event only hosted the Scottish Individual Championships this time around. Further details can be found here

A full list of Scottish Champions and medal winners in 2021 can be found here:

Scottish champions 2021

Scottish medallists 2021 (1)

Full results for Craig a Barns Scottish Individual Championships

2020 Scottish Orienteering Championship Weekend – CANCELLED Due to Covid

The Scottish Championships 2020 weekend unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. It was due to take place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August in Tentsmuir, Kingdom of Fife. It would have included:

  • Scottish Individual Championships – the climax of the spring season. Its purpose is to determine classic distance Scottish Champions in each age class.
  • Scottish Relay Championships – a high level relay competition providing head-to-head racing between large numbers of junior, open and veteran relay teams.
  • Scottish Inter Club Championships – provides two team competitions between “Large” and “Small” Scottish Clubs, large and small being determined by the number of entrants in the previous year’s Scottish Individual Championships. The Scottish Inter Club Championships are typically combined with the Scottish Individual Championships.

Other Scottish championships include:

  • Scottish Night Championships (SNC) – intended to provide a high level of technical night orienteering competition in Scotland.
  • Scottish Sprint Championships (SSPC) – provides a championship at sprint distance orienteering. Sprint orienteering tests rapid decision making while running at close to full speed.
  • Scottish Middle Distance Championships  – provides the opportunity for fast, accurate orienteering over a moderate time period. Its purpose is to determine middle distance Scottish Champions across several age classes.
  • Scottish Score Championships (SSCC) – provides good quality age-based competition with the score format. The event will normally take place at the end of the year, the score format meaning that competitors spend a well defined time in the forest.

Scottish Orienteering Championship Rules & Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines for all championships can be found in our Resources Section.

Previous Scottish Championship weekends

2020 Scottish Orienteering Championship Weekend – CANCELLED Due to Covid

Scottish Orienteering Championships 2019

Scottish Orienteering Championships 2018

Scottish Orienteering Championships 2017

Scottish Championships Rota

YearChamps WeekendScoreNightsSprintMiddle
2024North AreaINTWest AreaWest AreaTBC
2023East AreaINVOCNorth AreaNorth AreaTBC
2022West Area (STAG)SOLWAYEast AreaEast AreaTBC
2021North AreaTAYWest AreaWest Area (STAG?)TBC
2020East AreaMAROCNorth AreaNorth AreaTBC
2018North AreaRRSTAGFVO
2017East AreaMORMORMOR
YearSOC/SRCScore/SICCNight11 Person
2014East AreaBASOCEastAYROC
2013West AreaTAYWestMaroc
2012North AreaSOLWAYNorthELO
2011East AreaFVOEastCLYDE
2010West AreaGRAMPWestESOC
2009North AreaINTNorthSTAG
2008East AreaTINTOEastBASOC
2007West AreaMarocWestTAY
2006North AreaLINOCNorthECKO
2005East AreaCUNOCEastKFO
2004West AreaINVOCWestRR
2003North AreaESOCNorthGRAMP
2002East AreaClydeEastSolway
2000Midlands AreaSTAGNorth
1999West AreaELOMidlandsMaroc
1998North AreaKFOEastCUNOC

Scottish Orienteering Championships gallery