Month: May 2017

SOA Development Summit

Junior Pathway

– Club-based coaching is crucial. Continue recruiting & training as many quality club coaches as possible.

– Club coaches cooperate either in Area training or in informal local “clusters” – SOA to coordinate and encourage this to provide the missing step between club and ScotJOS.

– SOA should recognise ‘development’ as well as ‘talent’. Performance orienteering only one possible pathway amongst many others. Provide formal recognition of different types of development – e.g volunteering, event organisation, planning, SOA Star Awards.

– SOA to research possibility of a non-selective orienteering camp.


Junior Competition Structure

– Develop Jamie Stevenson Trophy to include longer courses, MW20 classes, plus some form of novice class to allow fairer scoring for newcomers. SOA to adopt this fixture and ensure it is rotated between clubs.

– SOA to recruit Competitions Convener, who will lead working group (including Junior reps) to review SOA calendar, particularly looking at an Autumn – Autumn SOL / SOUL season rather than Jan – Dec, and a cleaner calendar with no double-counting / piggybacking competitions.

– Explore representation at JIRCs as two regions – Scotland North & Scotland South, whilst retaining 3 separate regions for purposes of JIAs.


Schools Orienteering

– Some clubs have succeeded in recruiting active new family members through schools orienteering activity. Share these success stories throughout SOA to spread good practice.

– SOA to liaise with SSOA to help organise SSOF, particularly advertising orienteering within schools that haven’t been before, and doing follow-up work to link schools with their local club.

– Send schools packs out to clubs for WOD2017.  From 2018, distribute directly to schools as part of SSOF support. Ensure schools use official WOD platform to register their events.



– New SOA website to give clear info on School Orienteering Pathway (including all local schools leagues / festivals) & Junior Development Pathway.

Scottish Inter-club championships (SICC), rules and guidelines


This competition is only open to SOA Open Clubs & their members who compete, on the day, for their Open Club. Counting runners must be current members of their Club/SOA.

There is no entry fee for a Club to pay.


Clubs are split into “Large” & “Small” categories based on the number of entrants in the previous years’ Scottish Individual Championships.

For 2017

CLYDE, ECKO, ESOC, FVO, GRAMP, INT, INVOC, MAROC & MOR with more than 20 entrants in any of the 2013-2016 Scottish Individual Championships are in the Large Clubs Competition where the 12 best scores count.

AYROC, BASOC, ELO, KFO, RR, SOLWAY, STAG, TAY & TINTO with less than 20 entrants in each of the 2013-2016 Scottish Individual Championships are in the Small Clubs Competition where the best 6 scores count.

Scoring System

Shall be based on position within Courses NOT Classes with the 1st placed person receiving 100pts; 2nd place 99 pts; 3rd 98 pts etc. For courses 17 and 18 this is 1st 100pts, 2nd 98pts, 3rd 96pts etc.

A computer programme shall calculate the results with the Trophies being presented the following day at the Scottish Championships Prizegiving ceremony.

Only competitors competing in Age Class not Colour Coded shall score points for their Open Club.

In the event of a tie the score for 13 best / 7 best runners shall determine the winning club & if necessary 14 best /8 best respectively in Large/Small categories etc.