Scottish Orienteering Association Membership – Join the SOA

You can join the Scottish Orienteering Association – or renew your membership – at any point during the year. You do this by joining your local orienteering club, at which point you automatically become a member of the Scottish Orienteering Association as well.

Whatever your age or ability, if you’re new to orienteering, you’re welcome to try your first three events with any club before being asked to sign up as a member.

Scottish Orienteering membership runs for a calendar year from 1st January to 31st December. Membership renewals start on 1st November. If you are a new members wishing to join in November, then your membership period will run from the 1st of November to the end of December of the following year.

You have two key membership choices.

Join your local club and Scottish Orienteering

If this is your first time signing up as a member of an orienteering club click the following link, which takes you to SI Entries, who manage membership for Scottish Orienteering. You need to register with them FIRST and once you have an account with SI Entries you can join the club of your choice and also enter most events this way.

If you have any queries or difficulties please email

Join your local club, the SOA and British Orienteering

If you’re keen on orienteering, you can also choose to sign up as a member of British Orienteering as well.