Junior orienteering competitions

There are several junior competitions held in Scotland each year, as well as competitions around the UK which Scottish junior teams take part in.

Jamie Stevenson Trophy 

JST 2013 - credit Stephen Wilson

An annual inter-club competition for junior classes only, and traditionally held in central Scotland to encourage participation from all Scottish clubs. It was initiated as a fund-raising event for ScotJOS by Bill and Anne Stevenson in honour of their son, Jamie, who is a multiple World Championships medal winner and also one of our Patrons. It’s a chance for all juniors in a club to take part in a competitive event with a parade of athletes, commentary and prize-giving.

Scottish Junior Inter-Area Competition

Individual and relay events over a weekend with an overnight stay, usually in a youth hostel. Encouraging participation is an important part of the competition, with juniors representing their region rather than club. Initial information for each year is communicated via clubs. 

Junior Inter-Regional Championships 

JIRC 2016 Overall Winners

A weekend competition between all the junior Inter-Regional Squads in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (12 in all). The Regional Orienteering Associations host the event on a rota system which means it only comes to Scotland every 12 years and a lot of travelling for our team in other years! The Scotland team is selected by a panel on behalf of Scottish Orienteering, taking account of results from a set of selection races announced each year. Any junior in a Scottish club is eligible for selection.

Junior Home International

Another weekend competition hosted in turn by the 4 home nations (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England). The Scotland team is selected by  a panel on behalf of Scottish Orienteering, taking account of results from a set of selection races announced each year. Eligibility criteria include being born in Scotland, or with a parent born in Scotland, or being resident in Scotland for more than a year.

Scottish Schools Festival

Held on the first Friday in June since 1995, the Scottish Schools’ Orienteering Festival (SSOF) is a competition primarily designed for young orienteers who have been introduced to the sport at school but everyone is welcome. In 2024 the 27th Scottish Schools’ Orienteering Festival will be held at Drumpellier Country Park , Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire on Friday 7th June.

Scottish Junior Cup

To provide methods for juniors to meet and compete during the COVID pandemic, whilst complying with the various rules, we added a new junior competition in 2021, the Scottish Junior Cup. This comprised of three events, and juniors competed on their usual ‘Scottish O League” course with “B/S” class options also available for M/W14, 16 and 18. Each Scottish area (East, North and West) will be responsible for organising one event.

In 2021. there were competitions at Auchingarrich (West area), Tentsmuir (East area) and Anagach (North area). Final championship positions for 2021 can be found here.

In 2022, the Jamie Stevenson Trophy (19th June) and the Junior Inter-Area individual competition(4th September) and SOL6 (9th October) will form the three three rounds of the Scottish Junior Cup.

As things returned to what we all consider normality after the pandemic this competition was no longer felt necessary given the other competitive and social opportunities available. We are focussing in other ways to get juniors together such as the Junior Inter Area competition outlined above.