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2019 Scottish Night and Scottish Sprint Champions crowned

Congratulations to all this year’s Scottish Night and Scottish Sprint Orienteering champions, who claimed their titles in the 2019 championship events which took place on Saturday 2nd (hosted by Interløpers) and Sunday 3rd Febrruary (hosted by ESOC.)
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Scottish Sprint Championships 2018

Many thanks go to FVO for staging the Scottish Sprint Championships 2018 as part of their “Stepping into Spring” weekend. Most of the stepping was into mud or the occasional snow drift still remaining on the University of Stirling campus. The event consisted of two races, a Prologue and Final, but the total of both races counting towards final positions and results ( SOUL results counted separately). Full results are available on the FVO website including links to Winsplits and Routegadget. The latter cannot do justice to the rain and mud. Read More…

Scottish Night Orienteering Championships 2018 Results

Pollok Country Park, 10 February

St Andrews Orienteering Club (Glasgow) organised this year’s Scottish Night Orienteering Championships on a brand new map of Pollok Country Park.  Further information on the STAG website.

ResultsWinSplits and RouteGadget.

Scottish Night Champions 2018

  • M16 no entries
  • M18 Ben Brown   ESOC
  • M20 Tom Nichol  AYROC
  • M21 Josh Dudley  MAROC
  • M35 no entries
  • M40 Michael Atkinson  ELO
  • M45 Fraser Purves  FVO
  • M50 Ben Stansfield  FVO
  • M55 Keith Brown  ESOC
  • M60 Martin Dean  FVO
  • M65 Les Dalgleish  ESOC
  • M70 Phil Smithard  KFO
  • M75 no entries


  • W16 Alice Wilson  CLYDE
  • W18 no entries
  • W20 no entries
  • W21 Rona Lindsay  ESOC
  • W35 no award
  • W40 Heather Thomson  ESOC
  • W45 Hazel Dean  FVO
  • W50 Jane Ackland  INT
  • W55 Christine Patterson  CLYDE
  • W60 Sally Lindsay  ESOC
  • W65 Margaret Dalgleish  ESOC
  • W70 Eleanor Pyrah  ESOC
  • W75 no entries

Scottish Championships 2017

Co-ordinator’s Comments

The Scottish Champs is delegated to East District every three years.  We have no areas to rival North and West, so normally everyone is driving many hours back and forth up the A9.  So it was a delight to have it somewhat local on the very best areas available in the Lothians.  Thanks to ELO for noticing that the Strains live on a quality urban area and staging the Friday warm-up.   Thanks to ESOC et al for a typically Esocian Saturday race and to INT et al for a characteristically Interlopery job on Sunday.  vive la difference!

Graeme Ackland, INT.

ELO Sprint Race

Friday 19th (evening), Tranent.

ELO is hosting the 5th event in the bto Scottish Orienteering Urban League as a prologue to the 2017 Scottish Championships.

We welcome you to the historic town of Tranent, site of the first recorded coal mining anywhere, and the first tracked railway in Scotland.

Details and results on the ELO website.

Individual Race

Saturday 20th May Gullane, Archerfield, and Yellowcraig

The finest area in East Lothian featuring an extensive series of open and forested coastal dunes between Gullane and Dirleton, remapped from LiDaR with sections new to orienteering, with the event centre at Archerfield Walled Garden.

This event wil incorporate the Scottish Inter-Club Championships (SICC)

INT Relay Race

Sunday 21st May.  Binning Wood

Newly remapped and derhodoed, with a complex ride network unchanged since the original 1755 map.

Scottish Championships 2017

ELO Sprint Race

Friday 19th (evening), Tranent. 

All new map of the tricky Urban estates where multiple British Champion Murray Strain learnt to run.

ESOC Individual Race

Saturday 20th May Gullane, Archerfield, and Yellowcraigs

The finest area in East Lothian featuring an extensive series of open and forested coastal dunes between Aberlady and Dirleton, remapped from LiDaR with sections new to orienteering. We have access to Archerfield Estate, the exclusive new golf course.


INT Relay Race

Sunday 21st May.  Binning Wood

Newly remapped and derhodoed, with a complex ride network unchanged since the original 1755 map.

Binning Wood now and in 1755

Scottish Championships, Relay


Organiser: Richard Oxlade (GRAMP)
Planner:   Ali Robertson (GRAMP)
Controller: Donald Grassie (Moravian)

Note on Control 237 (Course A)

This control, which was used on all variants of the A courses (but not any other course), failed in the forest and did not register any punches.  The Controller has agreed that it should be removed from the courses and from the course results, and all A course runners have been re-instated.  Fortunately, the failure had no material impact on the result of the competition.

Note on Junior 44- Results

Two teams (119 and 143) finished on the same cumulative team time (1:21:57).  There was an exciting sprint finish between the two last leg runners.  Mairi Weir of Moravian crossed the finish line just ahead of Mairi Eades from Interlopers.  Therefore team 119 (MOR Simply MORvellous) are placed third in the class, and team 143 (INT Team CompassPoint E) are placed fourth.  We apologise that this correct ordering was not made clear at the prizegiving.  Well done to both teams 119 and 143, who were both given prizes.

General Information


Entry fees will be £36 for classes 1-6 and £18  for Junior classes 7-8.

Club captains should email entries to Richard Oxlade at: You will be sent bank details to make an online payment. Entry enquiries should be sent to Richard Oxlade at the same email address

The closing date for pre-entries was Sunday 8th May.  Late entries may be possible, contact the Organiser.  Also, see info below on Ad Hoc relay teams.

In the event of cancellation, the organising team reserves the right to retain all or part of the entry fees to cover any costs associated with the event.

Relay Declaration forms can be submitted at enquiries in the Event Arena up until 5pm on the Saturday. They can also be sent in ahead of time with entries (this will be much appreciated as it will help the entries team).

The EMIT timing system will be used

Collection of Relay team bags (bibs, EMIT brikkes) will be possible from 9.00am on the day of the event. Please note that you will need to supply your own safety pins.

Ad Hoc Relay teams (New) – information for individual competitors who would like to run:

We know that it's difficult for some clubs to put relay teams together and that, having travelled so far north, many orienteers would like to compete on both days.

If you would like to run and haven't been entered in a team please email with your name, class, course preference (A/B/C/D) and contact details (mobile phone number). We will print a few spare course maps and will do our best to put together Ad Hoc teams on the Saturday afternoon at Relay Registration; this will be open from 1500-1700 on Saturday after the Individual race. We will compile Ad Hoc team sheets and recommend that you come to registration on Saturday as soon as possible after 1500 to see what's available.

Costs will be £12 per person for adults and £6 per person for juniors (whatever class). Please pay with cash/ cheque on the day.

Competition Information


The Balmoral map covers an extensive area on the Royal Estate. This is the second occasion that Her Majesty the Queen has allowed us to use the forest for orienteering. The underlying terrain is typical of the Scottish Highlands, but has been managed by the estate for recreational rather than commercial purposes. Consequently, it is very runnable, though hilly, with a sparse path network and plentiful contour and rock detail.

The competition area does include some estate roads and you may encounter a very small amount of traffic during the competition.

The estate will be open to the public during the competition. Please be considerate of the general public, estate staff and other competitors in all areas.


Surveyed by Deeside Orienteering and Leisure Maps based on Lidar data and photogrammetric plot over spring / summer 2014 to ISOM 2000 standard.

The maps will be A4 in size and printed on waterproof paper. Map scale 1:10,000 for all courses.


Course lengths and climb will be:

A Courses –  5.2km (245m climb)
B Courses – 3.9km (185m climb)
C Courses – 3.5km (145m climb)
D Courses – 2.7km (120m climb)
Light Green – 2.9km (125m climb)
Orange – 2.7km (120m climb)
Yellow – 2.1km (60m climb)

Note that all the above course lengths include a 400m run-out, from the changeover point to the start triangle, which is common to all courses.


ClassCourses to be run
1. Men's OpenAAA
2. age-class: 8+ pointABC
3. age-class: 11+ point / Women's OpenBCC
4. age-class: 14+ pointBDC
5. age-class: 17+ pointCDC
6. age-class: 20+ pointDDC
7. Junior: Total BOF age 44-LGOLG
8. Junior: Total BOF age 36-YYO

Please take note of the SOA relevant rules & guidelines for the Scottish Relay Championships when entering teams:

  • Any team shall be competitive in any class, however to be eligible to be Scottish Champions, teams shall comprise three members of the same Scottish club or a neighbouring club “alliance” of neighbouring clubs.  Teams comprising competitors of inappropriate age or gender shall not be eligible to become Scottish Champions.  Other course winners should be acknowledged, but will not be designated Scottish Champions.
  • Competitors may run more than once, however only the team of the first run can be eligible to be Scottish Champion.
  • Teams eligible for Men’s Open, Women’s Open or Junior Competitions are not also eligible for the Age-Class Competition.
  • Courses A, B, C and D are TD5 with an estimated winning time of 35mins for good M21, W21, M60 and W60 respectively; LG, O and Y correspond to the colour coded system.
  • Team captains are encouraged to ensure club members run appropriate length courses, even of this means they are not able to become Scottish Champions.
  • Alliances of neighbouring clubs may enter teams at the competition convenor’s discretion. The spirit of this is to allow as many people as possible to take part, not to encourage the formation of especially strong teams. Any combination team which appears much stronger than their likely competition will not be accepted.
  • Typically, two neighbouring clubs will be allowed to compete as an “alliance” if one or both have insufficient competitors at the event to make a full team. The neighbouring clubs alliance at the Scottish Relays applies to all classes not just the open and may include, e.g. only one or two juniors in a club with many adults. The concept of “neighbouring” will be interpreted flexibly for particularly far-travelled clubs.

Start Information

Junior classes BOF 36- and 44- will start at 10.30am, with call up 15 minutes before, at 10.15am.

All senior classes will start at 10.45am, with call up 15 minutes before, at 10.30am.

Mini-mass start(s) will happen at appropriate times if necessary.

Courses will close at 3.00pm.


Download will be in the event arena next to the finish.

Prize giving

This will take place as soon as possible after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place runners have finished. If you’re club is a 2015 trophy holder please could you return the trophy to enquires on the Individual Day.