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Draft Scottish Orienteering Strategy – last chance to find out more and have your say

Following on from the opportunity to join us in discussing the future Scottish Orienteering Strategy last week, we are providing a final opportunity for everyone to provide us with their thoughts via a google form. The draft Strategy for 2025-2029 is as yet just an outline with the details being added over the summer period before its launch at the Club Conference on 14th September.

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As previously indicated this strategy is deliberately looking at the the larger picture of Scottish Orienteering as a whole over the next 4 years rather than just what the Scottish Orienteering Association should be doing. We believe that the SOA, British Orienteering, clubs, members together with Sport Scotland and other partners all have roles to play in ensuring our sport thrives. This Strategy acknowledges this and attempts to outline the pathways within our sport and the actions which we believe should be taken over the next four years.

Before adding the detail to the Strategy we would love to hear the thoughts of those unable to attend last weeks meetings. The google provide a summary of the outline Strategy together with an opportunity to provide us with your thought. Please could responses be submitted before end of April.

Here is the link to the google form

Final chance to provide input to the Scottish Orienteering Strategy

Ensuring the future of Scottish Orienteering was at the forefront of the minds of the SOA Board when they met in March to consider the development of the strategy for Scottish Orienteering from 2025  to 2029.

The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed that this strategy is not just laying out what the SOA should be doing over the next four years but looking at the larger picture of what is required for Scottish Orienteering as a whole going forward.  The SOA, British Orienteering, clubs and members together with SportScotland all have a part to play to ensure our sport thrives.

Our sport is an inclusive, dynamic sport but like all sports it has challenges with the volunteer load required, the need to expand awareness of the sport beyond our existing participants, retain our existing members as well as being aware of environmental impacts of our sport.  However we believe that with us all working together we can develop and grow our sport.  On that basis we have drafted an outline strategy which looks at  the pathways within our sport and the actions which we believe should be taken over the next four years.

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Contribute to the formulation of the Scottish Orienteering Strategy for 2025- 2029

The last Scottish Orienteering Strategy document prepared covered the period 2020- 2024 and therefore the Scottish Orienteering Association Board are now spending the next month or two looking to gather your thoughts to allow the development of an SOA Strategy for 2025-2029.  This is an important part of securing SportScotland funding for the next four years.

As with the development of any Strategy the SOA Board will be looking to appraise needs of the sport and how you as a community would like to see it develop.  These views will then be considered and the Strategy will be presented to SportScotland and to members at the Club Conference to be held in the autumn.  

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