Contribute to the formulation of the Scottish Orienteering Strategy for 2025- 2029

The last Scottish Orienteering Strategy document prepared covered the period 2020- 2024 and therefore the Scottish Orienteering Association Board are now spending the next month or two looking to gather your thoughts to allow the development of an SOA Strategy for 2025-2029.  This is an important part of securing SportScotland funding for the next four years.

As with the development of any Strategy the SOA Board will be looking to appraise needs of the sport and how you as a community would like to see it develop.  These views will then be considered and the Strategy will be presented to SportScotland and to members at the Club Conference to be held in the autumn.  

In order to gather your views we will be holding three Zoom sessions on Tuesday 13th, Thursday 22nd and Wednesday 28th February at 7pm.  The aim is to gather views per area but everyone is welcome to attend whichever zoom meeting suits them best.  We will also be arranging a junior discussion group and gathering views from volunteers at the Volunteers Day on 9th March (clubs have been asked to send details of which volunteers within their club would like to attend but if you are interested in attending please contact

The links to the Zoom sessions are as follows and will be placed on the website.

Tuesday 13th February East 7pm

East Area Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 816 8926 5350

Passcode: 991168

Thursday  22nd February West 7pm

West Area Zoom link

Meeting ID: 869 5971 9939

Passcode: 999052

Wednesday 28th February North 7pm

North Area Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 862 7723 8353

Passcode: 420902

Please if you have time come along and give your feedback to help ensure everyone’s views are heard by the SOA Board.