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Final chance to provide input to the Scottish Orienteering Strategy

Ensuring the future of Scottish Orienteering was at the forefront of the minds of the SOA Board when they met in March to consider the development of the strategy for Scottish Orienteering from 2025  to 2029.

The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed that this strategy is not just laying out what the SOA should be doing over the next four years but looking at the larger picture of what is required for Scottish Orienteering as a whole going forward.  The SOA, British Orienteering, clubs and members together with SportScotland all have a part to play to ensure our sport thrives.

Our sport is an inclusive, dynamic sport but like all sports it has challenges with the volunteer load required, the need to expand awareness of the sport beyond our existing participants, retain our existing members as well as being aware of environmental impacts of our sport.  However we believe that with us all working together we can develop and grow our sport.  On that basis we have drafted an outline strategy which looks at  the pathways within our sport and the actions which we believe should be taken over the next four years.

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Is your area/ club represented on the SOA Board?

You will be aware from SOA communications over the last few months that there are gaps currently on the SOA Board. We are seeking individuals to fill the roles of Operations Director, Performance Director and Marketing and Communications Director with Ben Hartman as Finance Director due to come to the end of his term.

Directors bring their experience to the Board to ensure the voice of all areas and clubs within the SOA is represented. Directors take up their post ideally for a three year period with the possibility of extending their role for another 3 years.

At present, we have representatives from Clydeside Orienteers (CLYDE), Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club (ESOC), Interlopers Orienteering Club (INT), Inverness Orienteering Club (INVOC) and Solway Orienteering Club (SOLWAY).

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2023 Club Conference allows interesting discussions

The 2023 SOA Club Conference held last Saturday in Perth provided an opportunity for representatives from 13 clubs to voice their opinions on the direction of our sport and exchange ideas on how to recruit and retain new members.

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View from the Chair

Keith Dawson, SOA Chair

When I started orienteering 47 years ago I had no idea of the riches the sport would gift to me. I honestly cannot imagine my life without this wonderful sport of ours. I will be forever grateful to the two sixth form teachers who introduced me to the sport and then further encouraged me. The experiences of places visited, races and events completed, events planned and organised, forests mapped and athletes coached. A motivation to keep fit, the great people I have met, the sense of club community and of course the great fun, have all enriched my life beyond measure.

Having been a member of clubs in four different countries, and orienteered in over thirty, I know that wherever I travel in the world I can find a community of like minded people with whom I can share and enjoy the fun. How do you feel Orienteering has enriched your life? To introduce a newcomer to our sport and encourage them is a wonderful timeless gift to bestow.

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