Scottish Junior Inter Area Competition 2016

The Junior Inter Area relay comprises an Orange, a Yellow and a Light Green leg. Encouraging participation is an important part of the competition and this year a record 121 young athletes took part in the relay, with more than half from North Area.

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Senior Home Internationals Victory

It was a narrow victory in the end but that just makes it all the sweeter (1 point in 50!). 17 out of the 18 in the team scored points over the weekend (and Emma – the 18th – was right behind Claire in the individual and had a coin toss gone the other way could have been in a scoring relay team too) which just goes to show how important it is to have depth and to keep going, no matter how tough it feels – every place matters.

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Orienteering on ITV

The ITV Border programme ‘Border Life’, 21st Oct, included a report of a Solway Orienteers event at Mark Hill that was held in August. It’s about 18mins into the programme. They had an Austrian club visiting that week so they also feature, and one of the victorious GB relay team from the World University Championships the previous week was warming down by having a holiday in the region, so Megan Carter-Davies was also interviewed.

Ward Junior Home Internationals 2016

Team Manager’s Report

Well done to all the team and thank you to our supporters over the weekend. Everyone put their all in to both races – and the disco! – and were a credit to Scotland. On Saturday at Simonside we had some excellent results on what was a very physically tough and demanding area.

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Moray Schools Sponsorship Deal

Innes & Mackay

The Moray Schools took place on Thursday 6th October in glorious sunshine at Gordonstoun School with 20 primary and 3 secondary schools represented. The event was administered by Active Schools with Moravian providing all the technical support. Winning the right to battle it out with schools across the rest of Scotland were Forres Academy while the top two primary schools were Bishopmill (Elgin) and Kinloss. Read More…

Highland 2015 wins award

We also received a Commendation for Sports Event of the Year, so all-in-all a tremendous night for the promotion of orienteering to a much wider audience. Colin Matheson, Events Manager for Scottish Orienteering, attended the red-carpet ceremony in Glasgow and was quick to thank key players through social media – Richard Oxlade was Event Coordinator for the Scottish 6 Days and Paul McGreal Event Director for WOC.

Full results from the Drum Event Awards

New Funding from Cairngorm LEADER for Orienteering

In the lead up to these events, the new “Community Orienteering and Protection of the Environment” (COPE) project will provide an exciting opportunity for the local community to get involved. Project manager, Sarah Dunn, from Mar Orienteering Club will work with schools in Braemar, Crathie, Ballater and Strathdon as well as youth groups at the heart of the community, to stage activities and also to help train leaders to be able to sustain activities into the future.

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Planner: Patrick Walder (Clyde)
Controller: Trevor Hoey (FVO)
Organiser: Kate Thomas (Clyde)


Fairy Knowe and Doon Hill, Aberfoyle. Grid Reference: NN516004 (Finish/Spectator Area)

Directions to start from Dounans Centre

See map below with route marked in red. This route is 2.1km and is along roads, paths and tracks. There is no climb to the start. The route to the start will be taped at intervals.

From Accommodation at Dounans, follow the track down to the A82/main road. Turn right and carry along road for 50m. Cross road – please take care as this is a major A road – to join path/cycle track through park and into the Aberfoyle main Car Park. The public toilets are located in this carpark adjacent to the Tourist Information office, on the north side of the car park. When passing through the carpark please use pavements where possible and take care as it will be busy with cars, cyclists and occasional buses. You will see the Information desk for the SOL in front of the Scottish Wool Centre. At the west end of the carpark turn left onto Manse Road. Follow the road past the Finish arena on the left to where the road divides. Take the left fork and Start is 300m further on.

The forest on either side of the route to the start is out of bounds. Please warm up on the track just before the start.

Clothing can be left at the start or finish. This will be at your own risk and must be collected by you or a coach afterwards.

Location map


Public Toilets can be found on the route to the start in the Aberfoyle public carpark. They are located next to the Tourist Information Office. There are no toilets at the Start or Finish.

Finish and Spectator Area

Is located at NN 516004, indicated on the map above. It is on the route to the start. There will be a spectator control at this location with opportunity to cheer athletes along. Commentary will be provided. There is limited space for team tents and officials may ask you to move tents if they are obstructing the entrance/ exit areas. There is no parking here.

Safety and Clothing

Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety at all times. Full body cover is recommended and competitors should check their person for ticks as these are abundant in the area.

The forest is a popular recreation area for horse riders, cyclists, walkers, and dog-owners. Please take care, especially on forest roads. There are occasional vehicles on some of the roads to access houses in the forest. Early starters may encounter deer.

Permission for the event has been granted with conditions that we avoid areas of sensitive habitat for bats and some ground vegetation. Areas marked as Out Of Bounds (OOB) on the map (purple overprint) must not be entered.

Fences that must not be crossed are marked with purple overprint. Crossing points are indicated on the map. Other fences can be crossed at any point, but crossing points are provided (marked with red/white tape) for competitors’ convenience. Competitors must avoid climbing over or through any stacks of timber located at various places throughout the forest. All courses cross streams and ditches. Please take care doing so – where these are too deep to cross safely, they have been overprinted as OOB. DO NOT drink from any streams in the forest.

Technical Details

Map survey by Marcus Pinker in Spring 2012 and updated and extended in 2016 by Jon Musgrave (Deeside Orienteering and Leisure Maps). Scale: All Courses: 1:10,000; Contours 5m.

All maps are printed double-sided.

All courses include a butterfly/phi loop. The two loop variations for each course will be designated A and B on maps and runners will be allocated A or B maps depending on their Bib Numbers and start times. Maps and control descriptions will be labelled with competitors’ bib number.

The JEC courses have a spectator leg towards the end of the course. Competitors should turn over their maps after the spectator run-through. From the finish arena you will be able to see runners on this leg, and cheer them on. Coaches can also use this area as a coaching zone and an opportunity to pass drinks/food to athletes. Please do not cross tapes into the competition area and obey all signs. Runners will follow tapes through the arena – the taped route is parallel to the route from the last control for part of its length – please do not cross the tapes and end up in the wrong lane.

The maps use standard ISOM symbols, with the addition of ‘Windblow’ (dark green hatching); windblow has been mapped to aid route choice, and individual fallen trees that can easily be avoided have not been mapped.

Windblow symbol




Terrain notes

The mapped area comprises a mixture of mature deciduous and plantation forest. The deciduous wood is mostly very runnable aside from some small patches of bracken (large areas are mapped) which are now dying back and shouldn’t affect running speeds significantly. The remainder of the area is mature working coniferous plantation. Some of this has been severely affected by gales and subsequent forestry operations to extract fallen timber. As a result, parts of the map contain unmapped vehicle tracks.

Start Procedure

Starts will be from 09.30 till 11.00.

Start layout

Start boxes:

-4 Call up and check SI card

-3 wait in box

-2 given control description by official

-1 start line – official will lay map in front of each competitor just over the start line. At 10 seconds before start the competitors may step over the line. At the long beep pick up map and make your way to start kite.

Finish procedure

From the last control, competitors should follow tapes to the Finish control. Please stay in lane to avoid getting mixed up with the spectator control run-through. There is no map collection as competitors are being trusted not to discuss or show their map to anyone who has still to run their course.

Download is immediately after the Finish. Your SI-Air Card MUST be handed in at this point.

Courses Close at 4pm. There are no official water stations. It is not advisable to drink from streams.

First Aid

This will be provided by trained First Aiders and will be sited at the Finish.


A maze will be set up in front of the Scottish Wool Centre as part of the SOL event. You are welcome to take part. This is free and open from 11.00. You can borrow an SI card at the Maze information tent. The maze will be set up to offer the opportunity of head to head racing on symmetrical maps.

Junior Inter-Regional Championships 2016

Event Report

The Scotland team converged on Cambus O’May near Ballater on Saturday 24th September ready to take on the 9 regions from England, plus Wales and Northern Ireland. It soon became clear that the courses planned by Jon Musgrave would be a tough physical and technical challenge but our athletes were equal to the task and the local wi-fi meant we were able to enjoy (!) nail-biting moments waiting for anticipated runners to appear within the finish times already posted.

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Spectator Races

Routegadget doesn't cope very well with the way we ran the Relay Spectators' race. All of your results are under the final entry of Men or Women.

After that you have got to cope with the fact that both halves of your course are on the same map.

This report shows you who were running the same gaffle and also you can compare with the JEC runners times on your gaffle.