ScotJOS: call for volunteers to support the squad

Below are the available roles. As Manager/Lead Coach I will plan the overall programme and co-ordinate all the admin; Marjorie Mason will continue to act as Treasurer.

Brief outline of roles

Licensed coach: coaching qualification (BOF L2,3,4 or UKCC L2,3), current relevant First Aid and CPD Log-book, capable of planning and leading coaching activities in line with annual coaching plan.

Qualified coach: coaching qualification (BOF L2,3,4 or UKCC L1,2,3), capable of coaching the exercises planned.

Athlete mentors: may be ScotJOS ‘graduates’ or anyone with personal experience of the development and improvement in performance necessary to compete at national and international level. May have coaching qualification but not necessary; may also act as…

Control hangers: only requirement is to be able to hang controls accurately (especially if volunteering for Sweden camp)!

For anyone interested in becoming a coach or gaining a higher level of qualification, volunteering to support ScotJOS would be an ideal opportunity to gain experience. There is NO expectation that you will have to be available for every ScotJOS activity. These are voluntary roles though reasonable expenses could be reimbursed. PVG scheme registration is required though not a pre-requisite.

Check the ScotJOS 2016 programme. If you’d like to be involved with the summer camp (9th-19th July, Sweden) please get in touch as soon as possible via email to express an interest, enquire or volunteer!

Looking forward to hearing from you.