ScotJOS Programme 2016

This is the programme outline. Full details of each activity will be available nearer the date. Please ask if there is a specific question you have about an activity.

Feb 13th

Jackie Newton (BOF Performance Programme Director)

Long Term Athlete Development and the Performance Pathway: an open seminar for anyone interested.


Feb 27th/28th

Inaugural ScotJOS weekend “Picture This”

A chance for us all to get to know one another and look ahead to the coming year, your goals and aspirations.


March 25th – 28th

JK - Yorkshire

Selection race for British Orienteering teams/Talent camp/JROC camps


April 2nd/3rd

ScotJOS weekend “In control”

Technical focus is leg planning


April 10th

SOL – selection race for JIRCs

Bridge of Earn

April 16th/17th

Northern Champs – East Yorkshire

Selection race for British Orienteering teams/Talent camp/ JROS camps


April 30th

British LongChampionships – Brown Clee, Shropshire

Selection race for British Orienteering teams/Talent camp/JROS camps


May 8th

SOL – selection race for JIRCs/JHIs

Glen Affric

May 21st

Scottish Champs - selection race for JIRCs/JHIs


June 5th

SOL – selection race for JIRCs/JHIs

Blair Atholl

June 19th

Jamie Stevenson Trophy - selection race for JIRCs/JHIs


July 9th – 19th

ScotJOS Summer Camp

Incl Hallands 3 Dagars

Frillesas, Sweden

Sept 11th

SOL – selection race for JHIs


Sept 24th/25th


Cambus O’May / Forvie

Oct 8th/9th


North East England

November 5th/6th

ScotJOS Development weekend “Si tu reve”

This will be a special weekend with a guest lead coach!


Nov 26th/27th

JROS Hawkshead weekend for M/W16s (depending on places available)

Hawkshead, Cumbria

Dec 10th/11th

ScotJOS Last Supper

Edinburgh – ish (!)

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