WOC 2024 Legacy Project Consultation

The Sprint World Orienteering Championships is coming to Edinburgh in July 2024!

Although it is still over 2 years away we are keen to ensure that we make the most of the opportunity from WOC to promote and develop our sport in Scotland. That means that we need to start putting some project plans in place now. The SOA staff team has come up with some proposals which we hope that clubs will want to buy into, and to that end we would like to get your feedback on them.

**** Don’t forget to give us your feedback by completing the survey by Mon 17th Jan! ****

Some potential project ideas are outlined in this consultation document. Maybe you have some great ideas too? Please let us know what you think by completing this feedback survey by Jan 17th. There will also be a session held as part of the BOF development conference on Mon 24th Jan which will provide an opportunity to discuss these ideas and indeed any others which you may wish to bring to the table. You can sign up for the BOF workshop here.

We’d like to hear your ideas