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A successful 2024 Scottish Championships

25th and 26th May saw another successful Scottish Individual and Relay Championship weekend hosted by Inverness Orienteering Club (INVOC), Badenoch and Strathspey Orienteering Club (BASOC) and Moravian Orienteering Club (MOR) on the Moray Coast.

The Scottish Individual Championships on the Saturday hosted by INVOC and BASOC saw over 400 participants travel to the hilly ridge of Craig Leach and Craig Dunain on the edge of Inverness. The sun shone and the area provided some quality Scottish orienteering where few paths meant that compass bearings were important. It was lovely underfoot with hardly any brashings to contend with and a carpet of bluebells adorned the hillocks of Craig Leach which comprised the main part of the shorter courses. Those on longer courses endured some additional climb and MTB trail maze navigation on the steep slopes of Craig Dunain. The young and old were provided with plenty of entertainment from the miniature goats, highland cows and llamas whose paddocks adjoined the arena.

 The west start Photo credit: John Davidson/johndavidsonoutdoors.com

Chatting and enjoying the sunshine in the arena
INVOC members Hazel Cload, Clara Davidson and Lily Carter who handed out the medals.  Photo Credit: John Davidson/johndavidsonoutdoors.com

There were lots of podium pictures which can be seen at the end of this article and the opportunity was taken to award INVOC their achievement of Bronze Certificate of Club Accreditation.

INVOC President Laurence Cload shown with David Summers (planner) and Carolyn Cload (organiser) receiving the Bronze Club Accreditation certificate from Richard Oxlade (SOA President)

Sunday saw MOR put on the Scottish Relay Championships on the forested sand dunes of Roseisle. After the glorious weather when the Scottish 6 Days visited the forest, as part of Moray 2023, it was disappointing to have a drecht day but the intricately contoured orienteer’s paradise lived up to its reputation. Recent forest thinning had meant there were some brashings to content with towards the end of the courses but it made for a delightful run in another technical area.

Adult Relay mass start Photo Credit: Crawford Lindsay

Competition was the top spot on the podiums was tight with over 115 teams taking part and in many categories there were seconds between teams. The men’s open competition saw a Forth Valley Orienteering team beaten on the sprint finish by a Edinburgh University Orienteering Club team who were grateful the controller was standing on the line to judge that they crossed the line first as the final runner’s exuberance meant they ran past the last control and backtrack to the last control. It was just a shame the liquid sunshine decided that we had received out quota of actual sunshine before the call to the podium!

There were lots of podium pictures which can be seen at the end of this article and the opportunity was taken to award MOR their achievement of Silver Certificate of Club Accreditation.

Andrew Campbell, MOR Club Chairman with Rob Parkinson (MOR Secretary) receiving the Silver Club Accreditation from Richard Oxlade (SOA President)

Thank you to all those INVOC, BASOC and MOR volunteers who made the weekend possible. With a special mention to Saturday’s officials – David Summers (planner – INVOC), Laurence and Carolyn Cload (organisers- INVOC), Brian Bullen (controller – FVO) and Marsela McLeod (assistant controller – INVOC) and Sunday’s officials – Eddie Harwood (planner – MOR), Andrew Campbell (organiser – MOR), David Eades (controller -INT) and Sarah Dunn (assistant controller – MAROC).

Here are all the podium pics:-

M/W70 Photo Credit: Crawford Lindsay
Junior 36- podium
Junior 44- podium
11+ podium
14+ podium
17+ podium
20+ podium
Mens’s Open Podium
Women’s Open Podium