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2023 AGM Booklet Published

The SOA AGM will take place on Monday 5th June online at 7pm.

Today we have published the AGM Booklet which includes all proposals and nominations of Directors which require your voting. There will be the option of proxy voting by post and online and we hope to engage in some dialogue prior to voting in person. We still welcome further nominations for the vacant Board Director positions and truly hope you will consider putting your name forward.

We have outlined all the proposals for voting below.


1No change in senior membership fees in 2024, keeping them at £12 for an adult membership.
2No change in junior and student membership fees, keeping them at £2 in 2024.
3A change is proposed in the criteria for an event levy to apply.  Currently event levies only apply where the entry fee for seniors is >£10.  It is proposed to extend event levies to all regional, national and major events.  No change is proposed in the rate for event levies, retaining them in 2024 at £1 per senior and £0.40 per junior.
4That Ken McDonald be formally appointed as Equality, Welfare and Diversity Director
5That Brian Miller be reappointed as independent examiner for the 2023 SOA accounts

2023 AGM Booklet

You can download the Proxy Form here or it can be completed online Online Proxy Form

The 2022 AGM Minutes can be found here

A link to the AGM can be obtained by emailing nikki@scottish-orienteering.org