Welcome to new team behind ScotJOS

Welcoming the new ScotJOS management team – who we are and a brief outline of our plans.


Manager: Esther Gooch

I have been orienteering and a member of Maroc for over 15 years as Dan Gooch pointed out it was a good family sport! Before I started orienteering I worked in the outdoor industry including leading expeditions of young people abroad and working with young people at risk and young offenders!  As a qualified teacher I have worked in both traditional classroom settings and in the outdoors.  I set up an educational enterprise six years ago and more recently I have reduced my teaching commitments to move fulltime into the role of Managing Director of OWLS CIC.

Admin : Judy Bell

My family started orienteering 12 years ago, and after a couple of years of only accompanying kids round the white course, I finally caught the bug myself.  I love the sport and the opportunities it provides for families, but my orienteering skills are still founded on the level of String Courses.  This explains why I was happy to accept a role which more meets my skills – as an Administrator to ScotJOS. I have completed my Level 1 coaching and love introducing beginners to the sport, particularly children. My other interests include various crafts and I love experimenting with different projects. I can often be spotted at the side of a run in with crochet hook in hand.
The role of Administrator is new to ScotJOS and will have various responsibilities to help camps and paperwork etc run smoothly.

Treasurer: Marjorie Mason

My involvement as ScotJOS treasurer began in 2014, I have a background in Accountancy and took over from Carolyn and Iain Mcleod in 2014. I have been involved with ScotJOS since 2009 with 3 girls all being squad members; although the youngest has now left ScotJOS, in 2017, I am happy continuing in the role of ScotJOS treasurer as a volunteer.

Jon Musgrave: Lead Coach

I started orienteering in 1977 with Gramp, became a member of EUOC from 1980-84 and joined Maroc in 1986.  I was a member of British squad from 1980 – 2001, ran in World Champs in 1993, 1995 & 1997, and in the World Cups from 1986 till 2000. Won silver medal in WOC 1993 relay, won the World Masters M35 in 1997, and medals in 4 later World Masters competitions. Also won British and Scottish Championships in many classes.

My first coaching qualification was back in the ‘80’s – can’t remember exactly when!
I was a coach to the NEDS programme 1995-1999 and became an assistant British team coach from 1999 – 2008.  I have been coaching youngsters in Maroc for many years and am a personal coach to Eilidh Campbell and Matthew Gooch and a number of other young people.


Our aim is to make ScotJOS the best junior squad in Europe.

Included in our plans are enhancements to the current successful set-up such as:

  • Develop the training weekends to increase the amount of technical training.
  • Invite speakers to give presentations on all aspects of performance sport eg nutrition, physical training, mental skills, injury rehab and prehab.
  • Develop a new set of area/club group training squads around Scotland to help juniors make the step from club to ScotJOS and enthuse and retain more juniors.
  • Encourage parents and helpers to move through the SOA coaching qualification setup and help spread coaching wider throughout Scottish orienteering.
  • Develop a cloud-based information centre for all ScotJOS members, parents and helpers to provide one place for all forms, information, training advice and useful links.