Stirling Coaching Weekend, April 2016

Peter Molloy (M14, FVO) writes:  On the 2nd of April, the members of ScotJOS met at the edge of Gallamuir Woods near Stirling to start the incredibly muddy 500m trek to “base camp”. Throughout the afternoon we split up in our age groups and focussed on different techniques, such as bearings, precision in the circle and even control hanging.

A fun night was spent at Kinbuck Community Centre, filled with table tennis, a lot of cake and definitely not enough sleep. But do not fear, true to form a small mapping exercise in the evening was thrown in by the coaches in as well.

After a chilly wakeup call on Sunday morning, the squad set off to Polmaise Woods beside Cambusbarron. After varying exercises looking at different techniques required for different terrain conditions and leg lengths, it all came down to the big moment, the long-awaited ‘pegs means eggs’ team activity. With an area of 500 by 500 metres, getting a description of “look in the pits” was less than precise when there were more than 20 of them to choose from. But sure enough teams eventually found the pegs and set off for the chocolate rabbit (boulder, south side). This was finally discovered and the squad capped off a fun-filled weekend with a chocolate egg each!

Further thanks to Josie Stansfield and Ann Robertson for masterminding the catering, Pat Graham and Dan Gooch for minibus driving, Jane Ackland, Andrea Lines, Kate Hunter, Robin Galloway and Rona Molloy for additional transport and general support.

The ScotJOS cake stall will be making an appearance at SOL 2, Culteucher & Dron on 10th April – please come and support us!