Scottish Junior Orienteering Squad – Selection Policy

Selection Process

Based on the results from a set of selection races the squad is selected in September by a Panel consisting of the Squad management team – SOA Performance Director (Chair), ScotJOS Lead Coach/Manager and ScotJOS Treasurer.

Selected athletes will be informed by email and the Squad will be published in the SOA magazine, Score, and on the SOA web site. Current members of the squad who are not reselected will have been informed by telephone/email; they remain eligible to be selected in the future or to be selected to represent Scotland in the JIRC and JHI competitions.

Selection Criteria

Athletes are expected to run in their age-class for the event entered (eg SOL/Scottish Championships) so that results can be compared across a peer group. Results when running up are unlikely to be considered unless notified beforehand to the ScotJOS Manager.

It is recognised that junior athletes will not attend all these races but the panel will expect at least 3 results from:

Scottish O League (SOL)

Scottish Individual Championships

Scottish 6 Days (Days 1 and 6) when held

As well as the race results, the panel will also take account of commitment to coaching and training, as observed during squad training or as advised by a Club or other relevant Coach.

CHANGES to ScotJOS calendar

This year, 2017, the Squad calendar will run through to the beginning of September; thereafter the calendar will run October to September. Currently, once the 18s leave school even trying to fit in their traditional final weekend proves a challenge. So, from 2017, we will organise a ‘Last Blast’ weekend at the end of August/beginning of September and select the 2017-18 squad with a programme from October through to the following September.

For information, though not part of the formal selection process, in November/December there will be a Development Weekend for invited athletes who are second year 12 or first year 14 plus others, probably later starters/developers, who aspire to ScotJOS selection. Please make the ScotJOS Manager aware of any juniors who would wish to be considered for such an invitation (scotjos @; the invitation will be based on results plus a brief report from a relevant orienteering Coach.


ScotJOS Management Team (Marsela McLeod, SOA Performance Director, Elizabeth Furness, ScotJOS Lead Coach/Manager, Marjorie Mason, ScotJOS Treasurer)