World Orienteering Week 8-14th Sep 2021

World Orienteering Week is set to take place from 8th-14th Sep 2021 We would love to see lots of schools, clubs and other groups across Scotland participating in this year’s event and celebrating a return to the sport.

“World Orienteering Day” was started by the International Orienteering Federation in 2016 to raise the profile and participation in orienteering as a global sport, and has quickly grown to become a week of encouraging people of all ages to try orienteering.

This September we would love to celebrate a return to orienteering post-Covid by encouraging organisation of activities and mass participation during World Orienteering Week.

Scottish Orienteering has resources for a set of three easy-to-organise activities, suitable for different levels of participants, which are available to download from our World Orienteering Week webpage. The activities can be easily organised in a school playground, park, or even indoor setting.

You can create your own “World Orienteering Day” by holding an event and encouraging people to enjoy a sport which combines fitness and quick-thinking. Any orienteering-related activity counts, and it can be a really simple one.

Check out our World Orienteering Week page for details.

Orienteering is a global sport celebrated during World Orienteering Day
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