WOC 2022 embargos

Several locations across Edinburgh are embargoed for the 2022 Sprint World Orienteering Championships.

This embargo applies to all potential WOC 2022 team members and those with links to elite squads e.g. coaches, team leaders. These restrictions also apply to other orienteers who intentionally or unintentionally could provide an unfair advantage to competitors at WOC 2022 e.g. through publishing of routes and timings on Routegadget, Strava or similar.

  • Access is permitted in the embargoed areas until further notice.  Orienteers are allowed to live, work and study within the embargoed areas, or to visit in a tourist capacity e.g. major attractions, Festivals.
  • Access is not permitted for activities that could be construed as giving an unfair advantage to teams or individuals e.g. detailed reconnaissance of the embargoed areas; testing route choices; use, marking up and annotation of maps in whatever form including paper or electronic copy. Restrictions also apply within buildings i.e. internal layout within embargoed areas.
  • No orienteering of any kind may take place in the embargoed areas until after WOC 2022.
  • Participation in established running events or similar e.g. triathlon, cross-country, marathon races that pass through embargoed areas is permissible
  • No training such as time trials or interval training is permitted within the embargoed areas.  Running or cycling regular routes such as access to and from place of work or accommodation is permissible.
  • Additional restrictions will be imposed in the immediate lead up to WOC 2022.
  • The Ordnance Survey (National Mapping Agency) Open Source data is available from https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/opendatadownload/products.html   LiDAR data for Edinburgh is very limited but can be accessed from https://remotesensingdata.gov.scot/

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