Volunteer Week – Day 6

The hallmark of STAG’s Volunteer of 2022/23 is that he continues our Club’s evolving tradition of not just expressing an interest in taking our mission forward but oozing industry, inspiration and imagination in his delivery.

Currently completing a post-graduate year at Glasgow University, Rudi Paul is not only a highly talented athlete but has made a major contribution to STAG this past year.

Building on his studies, with the help of our Club investing in OCAD Team, Rudi completely resurveyed and redrew to ISOM 2017 spec our map of Cathkin Braes CP.

On completing this in December 2022 off he went and discovered a cracking new area, Hurlet Hill on the SW edge of our City, which, as it wasn’t classified as a park, we had never truly considered.

Being young and energetic he co-planned our Cumbernauld 2022 SOUL and local activities and always helps clear up by bringing in controls, be that be at our weekly activities or Sunday events.

Thank-you Rudi !