Updating SOA Policies – a new way of working

We have been fortunate to bring the skills and experience of Tim O’Donoghue onto the SOA Board of Directors (co-opted) under the title of Safety Director. Tim’s extensive professional experience has helped us put in place a robust process for us to effectively review our SOA Policies on a regular basis. We look forward to keeping you to up date on our new policies and any changes to policies which may impact our clubs.

Policies & Procedures Review and Update

The Scottish Orienteering Association is embarking on a programme of reviewing and, if necessary, updating its main policies and procedures.  Addressing this area is one of the requirements associated with ongoing sportscotland support for SOA under Effective Organisation and Governance.

The current policies document is roughly 100 pages long and a number of elements in it are in need of review.  The timetable for review of all topics is 3 years, and each reviewed policy will then be reviewed 3 years after issue or earlier if required.

The initial visible changes are:

  • The large single document is divided up into an individual document for each policy topic.  These documents are awaiting review and so, just now, are unchanged.
  • A few policies have been reviewed and updated using the format and template that will eventually apply to all the policies.
  • There is a new policy on Policies, which sets out how the system will work in future, including the requirement for review of each policy every 3 years.
  • Issue of each policy after review and any required revision will be approved by the SOA Board and communicated through the SOA website.

How to find our new policy section

The location of the policies on the SOA website remains unchanged under Resources/SOA Policies & documents in a new folder called “New Policies July 2020”.

Policies Reviewed and Approved in July 2020

SOA Conflicts of Interest Policy

SOA Health and Safety Policy