Update on Scottish 6 Days Lochaber 2021

The Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company has been keeping under review the progress of the next 6-day event in view of the threat posed by the Corona virus. At present, the intention is to go ahead with the event in Lochaber provided that travel and social distancing restrictions have been sufficiently lifted to enable the event to safely take place and that holding the event would not pose a risk to public health or to competitors or volunteers’ health and safety.

Other options have also been considered by the 6-Day Company if an event in Lochaber proves to be unrealistic or unviable with the intention that an event run as closely as possible in line with the aims and objectives of the 6-Day Company should take place if at all possible.

Further details will be released in due course as we continue to assess the risks imposed by the Corona virus and as government policy develops.