Update on Scottish Individual and Relay Championships 2020

The Scottish Individual and Relay Championship weekend due to take place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August in Tentsmuir, Kingdom of Fife has unfortunately had to be cancelled.

After long deliberations it was determined that there were too many currently unresolved issues that were out with the organising teams control; with travel restrictions and the size of gatherings allowable at the date of the event being completely unknown at this stage, the further uncertainties surrounding the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the Government and the uncertainty as to when all age groups would be able to participate in this National level event, it was felt that there were too many risks in pursuing it on the current dates.  Further investigation revealed that any attempt to postpone the event for this calendar year would be extremely difficult and once again, was surrounded by too many uncertainties.   

Orienteering is a great outdoor sport Scotland
The run in. Scottish Championships 2018

It was considered that running a lower level event in place of the Championships at the same venues would not justify the work and preparation already done towards the National level event, and that the courses should be held over and used at a later date.

The new Operations Director, Ade Chapman said that he was “bitterly disappointed that it would not be possible to hold the events this year and that the beginning of his tenure was so fraught with uncertainty; however, it is hoped that we will be able to work with the Organisers to find a new date in 2021 when the Tentsmuir event would be able to go ahead.”