Tutor Foundation Course run as a successful pilot

Good things come in small packages and the success of the newly created Tutor Foundation (TF) course is proof of that, as a group of four participants tested the SOA’s newly-developed Tutor Foundation course at Kinnoull Hill, Perth.

With three people from the central belt and one from the north, the course was professionally managed and skilfully led by Lynne Walker, one of the SOA’s top coaches and educators.

The aim of the TF course is to upskill members with practical ‘tutoring’ skills aimed at delivering introductory orienteering (IntrO) to schoolteachers and outdoor educators. With completion of the classroom element, the next stage will be working alongside a tutor mentor. Once fully confident, the building blocks will be in place for TF graduates to facilitate IntrO courses locally.  The long-term goal is to have more people offering more IntrO across Scotland to a wider audience.

Kinnoull Hill was a beautiful setting for an inspiring course. If you are an orienteer who currently helps within your club or community and you’re eager to be involved with developing more orienteering locally, this course was made for you.

Please contact Denise Martin on denise@scottish-orienteering.org for more details.