Tick Research Project

To participate, every time you go orienteering, including training, coaching, planning, controlling, mapping or competing, please complete the survey. There is an Orienteering option in the activities menu – note that you can also record other outdoor activities you take part in such as hill walking and mountain biking.

The survey allows you to record the area that activities took place – currently grid squares Please report your activity and the route taken/grid squares even if you did not see any ticks. Reporting no ticks is as useful as reporting ticks! You can report using our Tickapp website; the process is very quick and easy. Reports can be submitted immediately after the activity or within a few days if ticks have been in hiding!  We also have an android app that will be available to download very soon. You can report for yourself only or on behalf of a group if you have done the activity together. The person reporting needs to be 18 years of age or older, although children can be included in a group. Please only report activities conducted in Scotland.

If you would like to participate, please contact Rita Ribeiro (rita.ribeiro@sruc.ac.uk) or Harriet Auty (harriet.auty@sruc.ac.uk) to be given a username and password for the website (https://epidemiology.sruc.ac.uk/shiny/apps/tickapp/). For more information you can also visit the website: https://epidemiology.sruc.ac.uk/projects/lyme_disease_risk