Tick Bite Prevention Week

As we look forward to getting back out into some of our favourite areas when restrictions allow, it is important we are always mindful of ticks and the potential risks associated with Lymes Disease. 24th-30th March is “Tick Bite Prevention Week” raising awareness of the consequences ticks can have on ours and our pets health.

Although we are currently in a cold snap, it is this time of year that ticks start to become more active. As the weather starts to warm up we are more at risk from tick bites and the associated conditions. Around 3,000 people a year are infected with Lyme disease as a result of a tick bite. You should protect yourself using a repellent and wear leg and arm coverings when orienteering in likely tick infested areas. Be sure not to bring ticks home by checking your clothing, skin and your pets after visiting at risk locations.

If a tick has attached itself to your skin then be sure to use a tick hook for removal. This helps you quickly and painlessly remove ticks whilst preventing parts of the tick being left behind and possibly causing further irritation or infection.

For more information about ticks and the risks they pose visit the dedicated “Tick Bite Prevention Week