Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week 2020 24-30 October

These Girls Rock and Roll

This week provides an opportunity to throw a spotlight on women and girls participation in sport and physical activity.  See who is featured here-

we love the MOR hat!!

With the theme for 2020 to highlight the positive impact of physical activity and to celebrate the return of sport in Scotland our first post celebrates Moravian members, the Howard Family from Rafford, Moray.

Sophie, Anna and Isobel Howard

In the sport of orienteering it is not unusual to see a ‘household’ of active competitors. The sport thrives from families that participate together and encourage each on at whatever level that is.

The Howard ‘Girls’ of Rafford, Moray are one of these families – Active volunteers, accomplished athletes and intrepid adventurers.. these girls Rock and Roll.

Nikki, mum, has been involved with the Moravian club for many years. She currently oversees the fixtures in her committee role and is an active club coach. She is fantastic role model for her girls having fun, being active, working hard and continually challenging herself.

The eldest girl, Isobel has gained tremendously from orienteering and has found a sport which she enjoys. Having been given the opportunity to train in the Scotjos, I am sure we will continue to see her grow as an athlete. Her commitment to the sport is evident and her talent equally apparent. She leads the sister pack well.

At twelve Sophie has been orienteering since she was a toddler. Once a young girl tackling the yellow and orange courses, she is showing her skill and determination and leading the MOR pack of youngsters to big wins, fun at competitions and inspiring the team spirit of her club.

The youngest girl Anne is quietly making a name for herself. As a youngster I would watch her head off on a course with a pal or on her own, and I was always impressed by her competence and confidence. Now she tackles more difficult challenges with the same endless enthusiasm and determination that is evident in a natural sportswoman.

Like their mother, all three girls generously give their time to volunteer at orienteering events and other sporting activities. The sisters exemplify a healthy attitude towards giving back and being involved – encouraging others and demonstrating leadership in the most natural way.

With an intrepid cycling adventure under their belts this past summer these gals are just getting going. With Dad Andrew and terrier cross Willow, the family marked their inaugural bike packing trip to Dundee to visit Grandma. With Willow in tow in a special dog trailer, the cyclist rode for 3 days to Dundee, had tea with Gran and after a few days returned. I am sure Grandma made a special tea for their arrival to celebrate such an achievement.

These gals really do rock and roll.

Denise Martin – SOA