The sun shines on the 2022 Scottish Score Champions

2022 Scottish Score assembly Photo Credit: Heidi Ross

Well they say that the sun shines on the righteous.  The forecast for Sunday did not portend well and most who travelled to Cumbernauld had a damp journey there but the sun emerged in time for the 2022 Scottish Score Championships!  

St Andrew’s Orienteering Club of Glasgow (STAG) very kindly agreed to host the event following the devastating effect of Storm Arwen on the forests in Solway which meant that SOLWAY Orienteering Club could not hold the event.  To keep everyone entertained before and after their runs, STAG put on a great display of club information highlighting the 40 years of STAG and which will tour their events as part of their 40th year since inception.

Reports are that the very large double-sided map meant that  it was difficult at the beginning to even work out where to go!   It proved to be a great mix of parkland and urban terrain with a wide variety of backdrops to controls.

Scottish Score 2022 controls – Cumbernauld Photo Credit: Crawford Lindsay (Bottom left and Top right) and Walter Clark (Bottom right and Top left)

There were lots of smiles, and despite the location not lending itself to an indoor venue, the sun meant that lots of people managed to hang about long enough to receive their trophies and medals.  STAG also provided mementos of the event for all those who wished in the form of coasters and stickers!

Final results can be found here Scottish Score 2022 Champions and full results can be found at Scottish Score 2022  Full Results 

Thank you to Kyle Heron (STAG) for planning, Crawford Lindsay (Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club) for controlling and Terry O’Brien BEM (STAG) for organising the event together with all the other volunteers without whom the event could not have taken place.

Crawford Lindsay did a bit of multi tasking and managed to get a few podium pictures which we have pulled together below – thank you for letting us use them!

A few Scottish 2022 Score Championship podiums Photo Credit: Crawford Lindsay
A few more Scottish 2022 Score Championship podiums! Photo Credit: Crawford Lindsay