TEAM -Together Everyone Achieves More

Many of us know TEAM can stand for Together Everyone Achieves More. How can we use this so that an event team (planner, organiser, controller) work together as a team to make the event even better – and remove some stress and strain from actually taking on an event team role?

Fourteen Scottish Orienteering members joined in a Zoom workshop to find out more and to discuss any issues around the event team working together. The session was chaired by Ade Chapman (Scottish Orienteering Operations Director and representing Planners) with the panel of Anne Hickling (Organisers) and Richard Oxlade (Controllers) illustrating what each role mainly involved, fielding comments and questions. It was emphasised that teamwork is good to have at all times but essential when things are not going to plan or there are issues. Throughout the workshop Ade, Anne & Richard worked as a team! The discussion is summarised in the attached PDF