SOA Development Fund Open for Applications

Some funds are still available in the SOA 2021 Development Fund for allocation to new club development projects and we would like to invite clubs (or other recognised groups) to submit new applications by the 31st Oct 2021.

Projects which target one of the following objectives are particularly encouraged:
• re-energising orienteering and retaining existing club members
• support and development of club coaching and coach education
• building on new opportunities which have arising during the Covid-19 pandemic
• supporting grassroots development towards WOC2024
• focus on inclusivity and equality
However, any projects that will advance new and innovative ideas for development of the sport are welcomed.

A summary of recent successful awards through the SOA Development Fund is available here.

Further information and the application form are available here

Don’t forget also that the Orienteering Foundation welcomes applications for funding and has deadlines for submission of applications every 3 months.

Please contact should you require any additional information.