SOA AGM 2020 Announcement

Our Board of Directors have taken the decision to host the SOA AGM on 14th June 2020 to ensure we comply with our Articles of Association to host an annual meeting prior to the end of June.

AGM Details

While in this unprecedented situation we have taken the decision to proceed with our AGM at 7pm on 14th June. We will host the Annual General Meeting on the ZOOM platform, members will be asked to register their interest in attending in advance here to allow us to verify your membership and to send you a secure ZOOM link on the day of the AGM.

Proxy votes will be accepted electronically prior to the meeting (more details to follow) and there will be one agenda item only.

Agenda Item 1: To defer all matters of AGM business to an EGM to be hosted later in the year.*

*We provisionally propose (subject to change) that the EGM be hosted on either Saturday 26th September or Sunday 6th December.