SEDS is back!

Many thanks to Scott Fraser for taking on the SEDS Manager role and to re-establish a SEDS programme to offer opportunities to Scottish based athletes. Details have been released on the SHI selection policy and there is an expression of interest form embedded for aspiring athletes.

SHI Selection Policy and Availability Request

The Senior Home Internationals 2021 is due to be hosted by GRAMP and MAROC in Deeside on 4-5th September.  The Scottish team will comprise 9 men and 9 women (6 in M/W21 and 3 in M/W20).

The selectors will use all recent known form from the following events;

Lakes British Middles and Northern Champs 

Scottish Championships (Craig a Barns)

Scottish 6 Days.

The M/W20 selection will depend on whether JWOC goes ahead so please could all 18/20’s fill in their availability even if already selected for the JWOC team.

All interested athletes can submit their availability (or unavailability) using the following form:

The selectors are to include:  Lorna Eades (INT), Jon Musgrave (MAROC), Jason Inman (FVO)