Scottish Score Championships 2023

The Scottish Score Championships were hosted by Inverness Orienteering Club at Anagach on the outskirts of Grantown on Sunday 10th September. 

Anagach is a mature and mostly runnable (depending on the length of your legs!) coniferous forest with heather underfoot, intricate contour detail on fluvio-glacial ridges, a good path network and sizeable crossable marshes.  105 competitors took part on a very warm day.

The 3 courses on offer were:

  1. M20-35, W21 TD5 36 controls, 630 points available, 70 mins
  2. M/W16-18, W20, W35, M/W40-75+ TD5 28 controls, 470 points available, 60 mins
  3. M/W14- TD3 21 controls, 320 points available, 40 mins 

There was a penalty of 20 points per minute (or part minute) for exceeding the time limit.

There was also a Yellow course (2.0km), enabling everyone to have a go.

Provisional results are available on the INVOC website.

A full list of trophy winners will be available shortly but in the meantime see if you can spot anyone you know in the photos.

Thanks to Planner, Laurence Cload; Organiser, David Summers; Controller, Rob Parkinson, Caroline for her efficiency with all those trophies and all the helpers from INVOC and BASOC who contributed to a splendid day.