SCORE wins a CompassSport newsletter award

Congratulations to Sheila Reynolds our outgoing SCORE editor who bagged a 2019 CompassSport Newsletter Award with her final edited issues.

This time CompassSport only handed out 6 awards reflecting a decrease in the numbers of orienteering club and association newsletters and magazines. Nick Barrable, editor of CompassSport magazine, commented “So you guys really are the cream of the crop!”. You can read the full story in the CompassSport FEB20 Magazine.

And SCORE wasn’t the only Scottish awardee as ESOC’s magazines Capital O and O Zone edited by Mike Stewart & Leonne Hutchison also won; the other winners were BKO Newsletter (BKO – David Jukes), Newstrack (DVO – Sal Chaffey), The Legend (NGOC – Alan Brown), and SNaggers (SN – Lucy Paton).

2019 CompassSport Newsletter Awards for SCORE

SCORE itself is in its final stages for the April issue and will be on the website for you to download very soon. Our SOA magazine is now on a 3 issue per year schedule alongside our new monthly newsletter.