Planners Workshops – Winter series 2022/23

After the success of the last series of online planners’ workshops, we are happy to announce that these will be repeated albeit in a slightly different format. Junior planners workshops will be repeated in the Spring.

This time we are running a linked series of workshops for those who are starting out on their planning career.  It is expected that learners will attend all the workshops and there will be a planning exercise to complete between each workshop which you will get a chance to reflect on with your trainer and other learners. You will require access to either Condes or Purple Pen on a computer (tablets / phones are unsuitable for this).

All workshops will run from 7.30 – 9pm across the following dates:

  1. Thursday 3rd November
  2.  Monday 14th November
  3. Thursday 24th November
  4. Either Thursday 5th January OR Monday 9th January 2023 in consultation with learners.

An optional workshop for those who are not yet are familiar with the basics of using Condes or Purple Pen will run on Monday 31st October.

Book online through the Google form by 30th October or contact Suzanne Robins-Bird, Coaching and Volunteer Officer with any questions.