Our future

The glorious 12th. It’s International Youth Day. Let’s celebrate the young people who are active in our sport in so many different ways. They are our future!

Daisy McNamara from AYROC running orienteering sessions on Arran

We have young leaders who help out with schools and clubs, youngsters who participate in squads, those who perform on the world stage and those who turn up and do what is asked of them without a fuss.

Well done to Daisy McNamara AYROC who has been running introductory sessions on Arran and with support secured funding for SI equipment from the Orienteering Foundation.

Thanks to Solway Orienteers for sharing some examples of their young folk active within the club as young planners, helpers at registration, mazes and a string course as well as collecting in controls.

Thanks to the young leaders Emma Baird and Roanne Lilley ECKO, John Getliff, Eilidh Campbell, Jenny Ricketts from MAROC and Kathryn Barr Moravian who all supported orienteering programmes this summer in different parts of Scotland.

Who do you want to celebrate in your club? Let them know you value them. Let us know too. They are the future of the sport.

Sean Findlay taking entries (pre-pandemic)
Isla O’Donoghue collecting in controls

Isla explaining the maze course to a group.

Young planners running an event

Ailsa & Isla O’D running download at an S6D string course