Orienteering features in new TV show “Des Doesn’t Do”

Orienteering featured as part a new BBC Scotland TV series, which features stand-up comedian and radio and TV presenter Des Clarke trying things for the first time.

Throughout the series of “Des Doesn’t Do”, celebrities introduce Des to thrillseeking, parenting, tattoos, cooking, dogs and the great outdoors – which was the subject of the first show.

Des and Grado the wrestler tried orienteering, with lighthearted footage from when they visited the Scottish Spring event at Falkland in April showing that Grado wasn’t the outdoor expert he claimed to be!

Off camera, Des was impressed by the huge number of families and wide range of ages out orienteering, commenting: “you don’t get many sports where you go out and compete alongside your Grandad!”

He and Grado also spoke to young orienteers Megan Keith & Pippa Carcas on camera about the challenge of orienteering, and why they love it.

The show was broadcast on the BBC Scotland TV channel on Thursday September 5th, and available on BBC iPlayer afterwards.

Watch the trailer:


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