Orienteering Edinburgh

What better way to wind down for the weekend than a quick hop and a skip around the streets of Edinburgh late on a Thursday afternoon!

Welcome to Orienteering Edinburgh.

This series of 6 events will run weekly – same time, same place – starting Thursday 11th May. Help us to spread the word.

Check out the new website for Orienteering Edinburgh

We are targeting 18-35 year olds who are active and live, work and study in and around Edinburgh so the events will have some light touch coaching on hand for newcomers.

Regular orienteers are welcome too. If you can encourage colleagues from your workplace that would be fantastic.

For those with a longer memory – this may seem familiar.
In 2020 we were all set to launch a series based around a midday Maprun but the small matter of a global pandemic got in the way!

Fast forward to 2023. In the dark hours of a cold January evening: Representatives of the four clubs in and around Edinburgh gathered to look at the idea of working together to resurrect the 2020 plan, but with some changes. Changes that build on some of the recommendations by Baroudeur who have been looking at how we make the most of WOC. In nutshell they say we need to simplify our approach for newcomers.

We have worked on keeping the website newcomer friendly and are using a signup process that gets a balance between administrative ease and ease of use for newcomers. Light touch coaching with friendly faces is available with a way to progress week on week for those returning. We have a branding that is young and fresh and states upfront what is on offer. Orienteering Edinburgh!

We’ve built on the fact that fewer people are now regularly in workplaces on a daily basis but some do come in a couple of times.Tuesdays and Thursdays are common touch points. Many of us have re-evaluated our work-life balance approach. For some, Thursday is the new Friday.

The series aims to make the most of this and encourage participation from 4-6pm with the enticement of a bit of social time afterwards at Brewdog. Brewdog has agreed a discount for those participating and we are hopeful some of their staff will have a go too.

Once people have signed up to a session they will be encouraged to get involved with follow up local events in the Edinburgh area including the Sprintelope series. There is always plenty on the go in and around Edinburgh. It is at this point that clubs may see a follow up but clubs agree it is not the priority. The focus is on attracting newcomers.

The series will be evaluated to see who it attracts, if this approach works for attracting the 18-35 demographic and what lessons there are for repeating something similar across Scotland and the UK.

Thanks to ESOC, INT, EUOC and ELO for signing up to the concept and agreeing to work together. This approach needs a united front. What newcomers want first and foremost to have a positive taste of orienteering.