New Features in MapRunF

A new version of the smartphone orienteering app MapRunF (v4.8.8) was released last week. The updates include several new features which make it easy for anyone to set up a simple event for their own use.

The new features include the following added capabilities:
• There is much greater capacity to create courses using only your phone using the QuickStart Event option
• You can use any map image loaded onto your phone to create a “KMZ map” for use either with the QuickStart Event option or a regular event
• A feature to allow events to be set to “Start Anywhere”. This allows runners to start at any control on the course with the first control that a runner visits becoming the start and finish control for their run and sequential reconfiguration of the remainder of the course.

Some of these new features are demonstrated in the following videos:
Creating a KMZ map and using the QuickStart Event on your phone
Start Anywhere feature

Information on the SOA website has now been updated to reflect these changes to the app, with step-by-step guides to help you get started.

Give it a try and think about how both you, friends and family, or your club could make best use of the app, potentially even during times of Lockdown!

Using a map image on your phone to create a QuickStart Event