National Inclusion Week

This week, starting from Monday 25th September, marks National Inclusion Week. National Inclusion Week aims to raise awareness of and celebrate inclusion in the workplace and also to celebrate the successes achieved through diversity and inclusion work. This year Scottish Orienteering have been working hard on our equality, diversity and inclusion projects to help widen access to the sport and increase participation. 

In Dundee and at Cuningar Loop in Glasgow, we’ve been actively organising activities. Our Glasgow summer sessions were exceptionally well-received, introducing newcomers to the sport and guiding them on how to connect with local clubs for more orienteering opportunities in and around Glasgow. Moving forward in Glasgow, we’re planning to establish a permanent course at Cuningar Loop and host another series of orienteering sessions in the coming Autumn. 

Meanwhile, in Dundee, we recently concluded a series of family coaching sessions. The families who participated are enthusiastic about further orienteering activities, with plans to attend the Tayside Orienteers event at Balkello Woods at the end of next month.

Prior to the 6 Days, Suzanne and Fran ran a day at Glenmore Lodge to introduce disabled youngsters to Trail O. Trail O provides an orienteering competition for people of all levels of physical ability, including those who are physically challenged and may be confined to wheelchairs. The youngsters who attended the session enjoyed it and are looking to do more orienteering going forwards. 

Continuing with the theme of widening access to those with disabilities, we are focusing on a group of disabled youngsters who meet for multi sports once a week in Inverness to give them a taster session on 7th October and provide links to local clubs should the orienteering bug bite them and they wish to continue the sport. Local clubs have also undertaken to keep us in the loop regarding the suitability of any events they organise which would be wheelchair friendly.