Message from Chief Operating Officer

In these times of lockdown, Scottish Orienteering has taken some significant steps to do things differently. We have taken a step back from the direct delivery of development activities and support of events but not from the essential work to support clubs. You will also have seen our fabulous daily puzzles to keep everyone’s brains active. We remain committed to our purpose and passion, while also safeguarding the future of our organisation and charity to ensure we are able to continue developing and promoting orienteering once the crisis is over.

As of 10th April we took the difficult decision to furlough two valued colleagues. Like many organisations this was an essential action to put us in a stronger position over the long term. I would like to thank Colin Matheson and Fran Britain who have taken this on with huge professionalism and integrity.

The Development Team (RDOs and Coaching & Volunteering Officer) alongwith the Chief Operating Officer remain in post with some areas of work which are refocused to make sure we can continue to make forward progress during this time. There have been some changes in that Fran Loots (RDO West) and Judy Bell (RDO East) are now working two days a week. The Development Team and the Chief Operating Officer posts are largely funded by sportscotland, support we are hugely grateful for and as a result of this funding stream these posts remain ineligible for the Job Retention Scheme offered by the Government. So for now, we are now a team of 5. There is a lot of activity going on behind the scenes and I am sure you will all enjoy reading of the developments in weeks to come.

During this period of social distancing, isolation and school closures, the value of social connection is vital and I am heartened (but not surprised) to see the initiatives and projects coming to life by a number of clubs to ensure the orienteering community remains engaged and connected.

In this every changing landscape we will keep you updated on any further changes and of course we look forward to thinking ahead with our clubs as to what will be possible to reignite the sport when we have some indication on how and when the restrictions may be lifted.

Should any clubs or members need any support during this time please do get in touch with the staff team or