Men’s Open, Women’s Open and young Junior relays: Scottish Championships 2021

We are delighted that, in the absence of a full Scottish Relay Championship being staged for 2021, we have agreed with Forth Valley Orienteers that their existing open relay event in the Stirling area on Saturday 13th November will be used to contest the Men’s Open and Women’s Open classes. These two relay races will now also see the relevant British Championship titles awarded, so should provide exciting racing!

In addition, the FVO event is providing a relay option for those not wishing to run the Open TD5 relay classes, with mixed legs of TD2/TD3/TD4. We have also agreed with FVO that the Scottish Relay titles for M/W44- and M/W36- will be awarded to the first eligible teams in that race. Many thanks to FVO for their help in allowing us to award these titles for 2021.

There will be no ‘handicap’ relay titles awarded this year as we are piggy-backing onto an existing event where the ethos is for clubs all to field open teams as part of one single race.

Further details including exact race location (permissions pending) and entry information will be issued to club captains soon, and will also be available at Start times are anticipated to be in the afternoon.

The following day, Sunday 14 November, FVO will also be staging an urban event in the Stirling area. This race will form part of the SOUL series.