MapRun Workshop 

MapRun can be a great resource for engaging newcomers in orienteering or for hosting club activities. Since SOA last ran a MapRun workshop a couple of years ago there have been a lot of new developments and improvements in the app. The app is now much more user friendly as GPS technology has improved. Recently, MapRun has been used for the Orienteering Edinburgh series.

SOA ran a hybrid MapRun workshop earlier this month delivered by Sarah Dunn. The workshop was held in Edinburgh and we were joined by online participants across Scotland. Before the workshop participants had varied levels of MapRun experience. For some of us it was our first time making courses in MapRun. In the workshop we went through the process of making MapRun courses. It was really rewarding at the end of the workshop being able to go outside and run the course you had just created. 

The online workshop was recorded. If you missed out on the workshop and are interested in learning how to make your own MapRun course, email for a copy of the recording. The instructions on how to make MapRun courses shown in the recording are summarised  below. For more detailed instructions and regularly updated check out the MapRun Website .

  1. You’ll need a suitable map and area. MapRun is better suited for use in urban, parkland, or open moor areas where there is a strong GPS signal. 
  2. Your map file will need to be converted to KMZ format for use within the MapRun. Convert your map file into an image (.jpg).
  3. Then using the MapRun console convert your map into KML format 
  4. Within the MapRun console the KML format needs to be geo-referenced. Select two points at opposite sides of the map and save as a KMZ file. 
  5. To create a course select “Create KML Course” function in the MapRun Console. The process essentially involves dropping points onto your map to define the location of controls. Alternatively GoogleEarth Pro can be used for this. 
  6. Now you have created your map file (in KMZ format) and course file (in KML format) you can test out your course for yourself using the MapRun CheckSites tool. There is more information about how to do this here
  7. Once you have finalised your course, you should send your prepared files to one of the MapRun Admins for Scotland for upload to the main MapRun server where it will be available for others to use. 

MapRun is run and maintained by volunteers. If your club uses MapRun regularly we recommend making a donation to support further developments of the app and help keep it a free resource.