Manifesto for the Outdoors

We are part of a collective group of outdoor organisations which have published the ‘Manifesto for the Outdoors’ ahead of the Scottish National elections in coming months. We have a strong desire to ensure the benefits of outdoor activity is appreciated and due consideration is given to the necessary resources to maximise this resource for everyone in Scotland in 2021 and beyond.

The new cross-departmental role is one of several innovative ideas within a joint manifesto published today by Scottish Outdoor Recreation Alliance (SORA), aimed at supporting the booming demand for the outdoors.

SORA’s Manifesto for the Outdoors also calls for: 

  • A guarantee that every primary and secondary school pupil has at least one week away at an outdoor centre
  • Long-term strategic investment in infrastructure such as facilities, ranger services, education and skills training
  • More support for BAME communities and people in deprived areas to engage with the outdoors
  • The creation of a standalone fund for outdoor recreation, including paths and signage

The publication of the manifesto before the Holyrood elections in May is timely given a major independent survey published this month by the David Hume Institute (DHI) showed 36% of people in Scotland spent more time outside in nature last year than before, with 58% of people in Scotland intending to spend more time outside in future.

Scottish Orienteering has worked in collaboration with ScotWays, Mountaineering Scotland, Cycling Scotland, The British Horse Society, Scottish Canoe Association, The Outward Bound Trust, Scottish Countryside Rangers’ Association and Horse Scotland. The initiative and much of the leg work must be credited to Ramblers Scotland. It have been very positive working in partnership.

The full manifesto can be downloaded here: