LiDAR data requests

Contractors have been approached about capturing LiDAR data for areas to be used for Strathearn 2019, the next Scottish 6 Days.  Potentially additional areas across Scotland could be flown as part of the same mission.  Clubs would have to fund additional coverage but it is hoped that the cost would be competitive with photogrammetric plots.

For Highland 2015 the SOA funded LiDAR for Darnaway, Forres, Glen Affric and Strathfarrar.  These areas were flown alongside a larger contract and it is hoped that we can “piggyback” off projects planned in Scotland over this winter and into 2018.   Please send marked up map extracts of areas of interest to Colin Matheson.  Before committing to any flying we will have indicative prices, but as a club you must be prepared to fund data capture should we decide to proceed.