Levels Changes Across Scotland

As of Saturday 5th June some Local Authority areas move to level 1, some remain in Level 2 and Glasgow move to Level 2. This remains a step in a positive direction and means that all members can now travel across Local Authority boundaries. We ask all members to please check and be aware of the guidance for where you live but also for any area you are planning to travel to.


We have made minor changes to the guidance to clarify event size limits in Level 1 and we included here the relevant risk assessments for Levels 2,1 and 0 for coaching and events.

Scottish Orienteering Guidance L1 Juen 2021 04062021

Covid 19 risk assessment May 21 L 0 1 2 v2

As always, if you have questions or require clarification please contact Fiona@scottish-orienteering.org

We love that events are back, happy racing everyone!